Short-Term Actions Needed Against Long-Term Care Act

We continue to hear from people surprised and outraged by the Long-Term Care Act in Washington State – and we continue to hear that our efforts to stop the Act are not wasted!

Chambers of commerce, businesses, charities, and organizations across the state continue to spread the word on this bad tax and are writing letters of their own to the Governor and to their legislators.

Even chambers of commerce who aren’t based in Washington State, but are feeling the effects of this law are voicing their concern. The Moscow, Idaho Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter to Gov. Inslee, and an excerpt is quoted below. Moscow is located in Northern Idaho on the border with Washington.

From the Executive Director and President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce:

“At a time when supporting the essential nature of employees and commerce has become a unifying theme for many of us in the past year and a half, we are surprised at the Long-Term Care Act’s dividing effects on our shared labor force. As we receive inquiries about this law, it’s a struggle to reconcile its effects without viewing it as a direct threat to the health, safety, and free-will of our community members.”

We thank our partnering chambers and their boards of directors for bringing visibility to their members on this issue!

So What Next?

Don’t let up! It’s working – continue writing letters to the Governor, and to your state legislators.

It is likely that any changes to this Act will have to begin with the legislature.

  • Our most urgent priority and request is that the implementation of this program be stopped.
  • Our next most urgent priority is that the laws creating this tax are repealed. Your state legislators need to know what your concerns are with this tax and program.
  • Need help finding your state legislators? Use this tool:
  • Write letters to the editor at your local paper! Most Washington news outlets aren’t running stories to highlight this poorly written legislation. Help us continue to make this problematic law visible to our friends and neighbors.

Need help proofreading or writing a letter to the editor? We can help! Email to ask for a hand.