We’re Cooking with Gas! …But for How Long?

Our country finally achieved energy independence – a dream for many decades. President Carter created the US Department of Energy, with the vision of the United States becoming truly energy independent. Entrepreneurs in our country invented, developed, and perfected advanced means of producing natural gas. Their successes were so profound as to literally reverse the flow of natural gas: from an imported commodity to an export!

These days, we’re surprised to see municipalities banning natural gas from future construction of homes and businesses. We need to be free to choose how we heat our homes and businesses, and cook our dinners.

Below is a link to an article prepared by the Institute for Energy Research, explaining the political scope and the damaging effects such bans have on our economic and political freedom.

Bans are amongst the strongest market distorters!

Our country is blessed with plentiful natural gas resources, and our entrepreneurs have mastered the arts of using natural gas efficiently and cleanly. As an example, gas furnaces today achieve up to 98 percent energy efficiency!

Let’s ensure we can choose to heat and cook with gas, whether we’re building a house, renting an apartment, or starting a new company.

Link to IER comprehensive overview