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Opening Day Woe and Initiative Weal: Washington State LTC Opt-Out a Bust, But Initiative Gathers Steam

For months, Washington employees have been waiting to file for exemption from the WA Cares Fund. For months, it was said that the online exemption tool would launch October 1, 2021. And so far, Washington employees will continue to wait. The online tool is not working, and at present there is no estimation for when

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Defending Free Choice

A letter from Dr. Ed Schweitzer, President and Founder of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories August 18, 2021 I established this morning to fulfill a particular need to defend our freedom to choose insurance options regarding long-term care. In 2019, Washington state voters voted 63 to 37 percent to repeal the Long-Term Care Act. This was

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Gas, Gas Bans, and Gas Ban Bans: Do We Really Want Politicians Designing Our Energy Systems?

Cities across the country, Spokane included, want to forbid us from using natural gas in our homes, schools, and businesses. Washington State legislators and regulators are pushing statewide bans, in parallel tracks. Mark Twain said the past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. Inventors and investors sought and created ways of providing illumination. Beef

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