Washington’s Long-Term Care Act

On August 17, 2021, Dr. Edmund Schweitzer appeared on “The Commute with Carlson” radio show, hosted by John Carlson on KVI 570 to discuss Washington State’s new Long-Term Care Act. This Act takes away Washingtonians’ freedom to choose how they will pay for any future long-term care needs.

Click here to read Dr. Schweitzer’s open letter sharing how this blog came to be

It is government’s role to provide for public highways, schools, safety, and to defend your freedom to choose.

  1. If you need a car, you call a car dealer, not Olympia.
  2. If you need a furnace, you call a furnace installer, not Olympia.
  3. If you need a vaccination, you call your doctor, not Olympia.
  4. If you need insurance, you call an insurance agent, not Olympia.

Fast Facts about Washington State’s Long-Term Care Act:

  • Out-of-state residents who work in Washington must pay the tax, though they will never be eligible for the benefit unless they move to Washington.
  • There is no limit to the tax in dollars because it is a percentage of total income – yet the lifetime benefit is fixed: $36,500.
  • The only way to opt out is to have a long-term care insurance purchased and effective by November 1, 2021. Beyond that date, employees will be automatically enrolled in the state program for life.
  • Employees are responsible for submitting the exemption request to the state, and for providing proof of exemption to their employer. Without proof of exemption, the employer is required to continue withholding the tax.
  • You must be 18 years of age to be eligible to opt out, meaning most young persons who have not yet entered the workforce have no choice.
  • This removes an employee’s freedom to choose.

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